Um, This Easy Shopping Tool Is a Total Game Changer

I am gonna be honest: I will use pretty much any holiday, birthday, seasonal change, moon phase, gust of wind, etc., as an excuse to shop online. Is it great for my mental health during a pretty blah time? 100 percent yes, absolutely. Is it great for my bank account? Hey, that’s neither here nor there. Some people have hobbies (gross, what?), but what I relish is turning on TV at night, swaddling myself in a big ole’ blanket, and mindlessly scrolling through my phone for ~goodies~.

And thankfully, because my heart is pure, my shopping vice extends to other people, too (I legit have a locked note on my phone filled with gift ideas and links for future occasions). So when I was alerted that Do Something Nice Day is coming up on October 5, you can bet that I latched onto this very perfect reason to shop for some gifties for my friends (and, fine, for myself too).


But here’s the one thing I honestly hate about online shopping: The checkout process. I know this is a very 2021 young-person complaint to have—especially when I’m usually shopping from a space-age device like my phone—but getting to the checkout of a website only to realize I don’t have my information handy (um, what was the account username and password?) is annoying as hell. When I have to unswaddle myself from my blanket cocoon to go get my credit card from my purse, I usually end up just clicking out and moving on. Not meant to be, right?

So I’m genuinely pumped that a ton of my favorite retailers now offer Bolt, a ridiculously easy tool that makes shopping a breeze. Not only does it enable you to check out fast (hi, one-click checkout!), but it also streamlines and safeguards all of your account info so you can stay cocooned on the couch. If you’ve ever written down your login info on a sticky note or reset your password a million times trying to make a purchase, this is a total game changer. Plus, Bolt offers exclusive deals when you show in their network of retailers. (PSA: They’re offering a ton of amazing deals from now through October when you use the promo code Holiday2021 at checkout).

I told you—any excuse to shop, right? So with Do Something Nice Day just around the corner, please allow me to show you a few of the goodies I picked up, and why I’m one click away from filling up my cart again soon.

For the Plant Parent

Block Planter



  • 15% off site wide with the code Holiday2021

I’m a new plant ~parent~ (thank you, thank you), which means most of my time is now spent obsessively worrying about how well my plant bbs are draining, or drying out, or reaching for sun, or crying for attention. It’s led me to some pretty weird and niche plant websites—like, are they even encrypted?—in search for a cute planter that’s actually functional, and ideally able to be purchased with a checkout system that won’t steal my payment information.

Enter this super-cool geometric planter from the incredibly cute store Favor. Designed by ceramicist and designer Andrew Molleur, this IG-worthy planter comes equipped with an actual drainage hole (if you know, you know) and a ceramic water tray that acts as a little platform, so it won’t ruin your shelves after watering. And, happy to say, zero identities were stolen in the purchase of this planter, thanks to Bolt.

For the Beauty Buff

Blue Copper 5 Lip Plumper



  • 20% off this item with the code Holiday2021

As anyone who has turned on the TV in the last year (or, honestly, just looked out the window) knows, lip filler is pretty much everywhere now. I, being a scaredy-cat, am not about that injection life, but that doesn’t stop my friends from texting me incessantly about how much lip filler costs, whether they should try it, what if they hate it, etc. So to curb their line of questioning, I’m gifting them with the next best—and way less intense—thing: this cult-favorite lip plumper.

Unlike plumpers of the past that quite literally burned your lips to give ‘em volume (yum!), this gentle, moisturizing gloss uses the ingredients sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid, which sink into your lips and suck in water like a sponge, leaving them looking naturally plumper and more voluminous—without any irritation. Plus, at $39, it’s way cheaper than the thousands of dollars you’d spend on filler (hear that, Liz?).

For the *Best* Friend

Sylvie Rose Single Bar Bracelet

Dana Rebecca Designs


  • $25 off this item with the code Holiday2021

Okay, is this not the most gorgeous, simple, minimalist little bracelet you’ve ever seen? Unlike most of my own costume jewelry, which looks fine from 10 (ahem, 20) steps away, this 14-karat gold bracelet holds up under the most intense scrutiny—which is exactly the kind of scrutiny my BFF has for any and all jewelry, especially since the ~cheap stuff~ irritates her skin.

I find it nearly impossible to spend big $$ on myself, but when it comes to my best friend who is both a NICU nurse and six months pregnant, I want to do something nice for her every single day. This dainty bracelet seems like a great place to start, especially since each side features pavé-set diamonds, so she won’t have to worry about putting it on the “right” or “wrong” way. And yes, until I send it to her, I’ll be wearing it for some Insta photos, TYVM.

Also, a fun thing I discovered while browsin’ around is that Dana Rebecca has a rewards program (aptly named the Diamond Society) that, among many perks, also gives you one point for every dollar you spend that you can redeem for discounts. Normally, I tend to ignore rewards programs because I know I’ll literally never remember my log-in info next time I shop, but HELLO—Bolt officially has me covered on this one too.

For the Acne Fighters

Clear Genius Spot Treatment



  • 30% off site-wide with the code Holiday2021

You would think that by this point in my adult life, I’d be acne-free and flyin’ high, but alas—the world is too cruel for that. And to make zits even more fun, I also have incredibly sensitive skin that likes to burn, itch, and break out in rashes for funsies, which means most acne treatments are way too harsh for me. Until, that is, I found this spot treatment from Bliss.

The clear gel formula uses 2 percent salicylic acid (the MVP of the whitehead-destroying world) and witch hazel to help exfoliate clogged pores, while a mix of niacinamide, zinc, and cica all work together to calm redness and inflammation, and offset any potential irritation from the acid. Not only that, but it’s completely clean, vegan, cruelty free, and planet friendly, so it feels just as good on your skin as it does in your ~soul~.

I regularly stock up on these spot treatments for my own face (because I’m always trying to Do Something Nice for my hormonal acne), but maybe I should fill a bag with them and give them out as party favors for my fellow zit-riddled friends. New trend for 2022? I’ll let you know.


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