Travel Accessories designed to meet all your techy needs on your post-pandemic travels!

I love traveling! And although I may not be able to do much of it during this pandemic (although travel is opening up slowly), that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about it or planning my next vacation in my head. My travel bucket list is brimming to the top with exotic holiday destinations. And, as any experienced traveler (not that I am one…YET) will tell you, having a set of handy and trusty travel tech accessories is essential! These are the nifty little gadgets that can help you out in the most impromptu and sudden of situations, and you’ll never regret having packed them in your suitcase. So, we’ve curated a bunch of travel tech designs that we think you will absolutely need in your travel kit when you’re jet-setting across the globe next! From an incredibly rugged 8TB SSD that can travel to remote locations to a 65W GAN travel adapter – these handy tech products are sure to make your next vacation much more comfortable and easier.

An SSD that’s waterproof doesn’t really cater to someone who uses it in an office, and an SSD that has a fingerprint scanner may not matter to someone who uses it to dump videos from a DSLR or a drone. By that yardstick, LAMBOGO knows exactly who its audience is. Designed for the great outdoors, this rugged, waterproof, wireless SSD comes with up to 8TB of storage, has an internal fan to keep the drive and circuitry cool when you’re not in the cushy environment of an air-conditioned office, and lets you wirelessly preview and share files between your devices. LAMBOGO comes with a card slot and a single button interface for quickly dumping data from your DSLR and Drone, and lets you easily preview your files on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even desktop and edit them on third-party apps… without connecting wires.

Agile Travel Adapter provides a safe interface to plug all your gadgets into a power socket, no matter where on the face of the planet you are. International travelers who’ve gone through the frustration of figuring out which plug type fits where will appreciate the user-friendliness of this world’s first 2 AC Outlet 45W travel adapter. The freedom of fast charging electronics is a considerable time-saver. For example, Agile can charge your Macbook entirely in just an hour! That functionality is a lifesaver when you need to charge up your phone, tablet, or laptop with a flight to catch.

Designed by industrial design team KIWI DESIGN, the portable washer employs a quick sanitization technology to do the dirty job of cleaning your messy underwear, vest, and socks in a jiffy. Anything that fits the small dryer and washer is good to go –handkerchiefs, masks, or gloves being one. The bottom section of the portable machine made from super-elastic nickel-titanium alloy expands to the shape of an inverted lampshade to support the drying bag. Since sanitation is an integral part of our current lifestyle, the portable dryer gets rid of any bacterial or fungal build-up in the undergarments thanks to the high-temperature sanitization. This in fact doubles as a dryer for the clothing in the consequent step. In just 15-30 minutes the gadget readies you for a fresh start to the day.

The Esino is the ultimate travel gadget-kit that allows you to snap multiple modules to a central battery pack, turning it into an iron, an electric shaver, an electric toothbrush, a fabric shaver (for removing lint and pilling), or even a UV disinfection light. The modular set is perfect for travel (although it can be used at home too) and creates a compact universe of useful products that are easy to carry around with wherever you may be. The idea behind the Esino Go is a pretty interesting one. All your gadgets require batteries, so why not make the battery a hub around which you could build an ecosystem of products? The Esino Go comes with what’s essentially a 5,000 mAh battery pack enclosed within an ergonomic handle-shaped form.

Relying on Hydroxyl and Plasma purification technology, the ridiculously tiny RAYCONO gives you fresh deodorized air that’s been purged of bacteria, VOCs, and other stuff you don’t want in the air… and unlike your bulky, boxy air-purifier or expensive HVAC system, the RAYCONO is about the shape and size of a power bank. The air purifier + deodorizer was originally envisioned for pet-owners, although it works just as easily in regular homes, kitchens, offices, basements, smoking rooms – basically anywhere plagued by strong odors and bad air quality. Designed to be tiny yet efficient, the RAYCONO relies on two cutting-edge technologies to help improve air quality and freshness – Hydroxyl technology, and Plasma purification.

Designed to function as an international 5-in-1 adapter, as well as a power-brick for your laptop/tablet/smartphone, the Nan-Fuse comes with multiple ports that let you charge multiple gadgets simultaneously. Powered by GaN semiconductor technology, and with an output of up to 65 watts, the Nan-Fuse is the only charging accessory you need to travel with, apart from a bunch of USB cables, of course. The GaN (Gallium Nitride) semiconductor tech on the inside of the Nan-Fuse is what makes it so incredibly small. The cutting-edge technology outperforms silicone in multiple areas and allows adapters and power bricks to be much smaller while supplying power more efficiently. Nan-Fuse capitalizes on GaN’s ability to supply power more efficiently in a smaller avatar by introducing it to perhaps the most fitting industry… travel-tech.

This space-saving travel system is a combination of a handheld vacuum pump, and a set of vacuum bags that come with an innovative design that helps you compress clothes easily, fast, and for as long as an entire month. The pump, no larger than a bottle of deodorant, weighs a mere 172 grams and is powerful enough to compress clothes in mere seconds, removing enough air to make garments occupy a fraction of their original space. The vacuum pump comes without an internal battery so you can pack it in your suitcase without any TSA issues, and works right off any external power source, including a power bank. The pump works with AIRDOT’s proprietary vacuum bags that offer a long-lasting seal that lets your clothes stay compressed for as long as an entire month. The bag comes with a double-zip-lock on one end to secure its tight seal and an innovative air valve that works with the AIRDOT vacuum pump as well as with any regular vacuum cleaner. In fact, the valve even works without a pump. Just roll your clothes up inside the bag and you can force air out with your hands.

The SkyTrek has a lot to offer. Aside from taking inspiration from our interaction with wardrobes, the travel case also looks at the pain points of how we usually travel. It ditches the pesky combination lock for a fingerprint scanner, another familiar experience… and even features an onboard tracking system that activates when on the ground, and goes into flight mode when you’re in the sky. The bag arms itself with extra compartments on the outside, for your quick-access belongings like your phone, laptop, passport, etc., letting you go through the security checks like an absolute pro, while also giving you the peace of mind of not mixing your tech with your clothes. The outer compartments are shock-proof too, protecting your tech from any rough luggage handlers either at the airport or at the hotel. Lastly, no smart-travel case is really complete without a battery pack, and the SkyTrek comes equipped with its own 5200mAh battery that you can easily remove if and when needed. The battery lets you power your smartphone and even simultaneously powers the case’s smart features, while SkyTrek’s flat top doubles up as a working space that you can rest your laptop on.

Passakorn Kulkliang designed PAWSPAL in order to help better facilitate the typically difficult task of traveling with animal companions. The product has three main functions: a fully integrated, chargeable air ventilation system, a bottom deck used to roll the carrying cases, and the individual crate’s inbuilt stackability. If the user were to choose to roll their pets through the airport, just like the common rolling suitcase, then the case or cases can be placed atop the removable base for easy maneuvering throughout any space or building. In addition to the stackable feature and the wheeled base, users can opt out to carry the case as it is. Lastly, inside the crate, you won’t have to worry about your pet overheating because each case comes equipped with an operating air ventilation system that keeps your animal cool at all times. Each crate from PAWSPAL includes a charging hole for USB C cables so that keeping your pet cool is a given.

Bags like the B-One & D-One Series, seem to be a wise investment in the name of secure travels. As the first connected Backpack and Duffle Bag in the world, the duo are fitted with a Smart Lock – Face ID, Touch ID, Morse Code – and a removable battery pack. Needless to say, a Travel Companion App completes the whole deal. This one App connects all of the Plevo bags (old and new). I like the fact that you can check on your flight status through the Travel Assistant App and ensure that you get to your gate on time. The removable battery pack ensures you can juice up your devices on the go. Available in two sizes each, both the backpack and duffle bag are stylish and complement the latest ‘travel look.’ If you happen to move too far away from the bags, they will alert you via the app, ensuring you stay close to them. The B-One & D-One Series are intelligent bags that are spacious and secure.

Travel Accessories designed to meet all your techy needs on your post-pandemic travels!

Katheleen Knopf

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