Top Gift Ideas for Shoe Lovers

What are the top gift ideas for the sole [sic] (pardon the pun) mates in your life, the real shoe lovers? Well, shoes of course! Indeed, there is very little a shoe lover will prefer for their birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day than a new pair of fashionable kicks. However, there are many other gift ideas, ranging from the highly practical to the fun novelty, which is a safe bet when deciding on a gift for that one person with an overflowing shoe closet. Shoes are a massive market – obviously – but pretty big too is the market for all the other things like shoe trees, polishing kits, and shoe odor eliminators. Owning shoes is a full-time job, and there are many tools of the trade.

So, if you are smarting a little at the thought of shelling out for the new Louboutin’s, there are many other options. Of course, when purchasing shoe accessories or shoe care products, you’ll want to make sure the intended recipient doesn’t own them already. Do they own over fifty pairs of shoes? It is pretty likely then that they’ll already have a set of over-door shoe storage pockets – you have to be careful. Shoe experts ShoeFresh recommend that something useful is indeed the best way to go but try to incorporate a little fun novelty into that as well. It is a gift, after all!

Consider Their Favorite Brands

When purchasing shoe-related gifts for a friend, one of the best ideas is to consider what their favorite shoe brand is. This is because many of these companies also produce shoe accessories designed exactly for those shoes. For example, if you have a friend who is always wearing Doc Martins, you can visit the Doc Martin store and get something like a specially designed pair of laces, shoe polish designed specifically for Doc Martin leather, and so on.

Top Ideas

Nevertheless, if you want to keep things more general, here follows some top shoe-lover gift ideas:

An Entryway Rack

The shoe lover in your life may have thought of every possible shoe storage solution for the place where they store their shoes, but there’s no doubt that they will have certain pairs that they wear considerably more than others. A shoe storage solution for those types of shoes, which is placed just by the front door and allows the shoe lover to always have their most commonly worn shoes to hand, is a great idea. A neat and elegant entryway rack is the perfect product for this purpose.

Shoe History Art

Normally, this will be something like a poster. Shoes have a long, rich, and massively interesting history. For example, for a shoe lover who is into their sneakers, what about a poster of every major sneaker design since their inception in the 1920s? They could even hang it over their collection!

Novelty “Shoe” Products

What we mean here is things that look like shoes but are not actually shoes. Consider a plant pot that looks like a classic Nike sneaker? Or what about a USB Bluetooth speaker that resembles a pair of high heels?

Catwalk Shoe Fashion Photos

The thing about the most fashionable shoes is that they often feature in catwalk shows, modeled by somebody famous and photographed by the best fashion photographers out there. Imagine that as a poster for the shoe lover in your life. It cannot fail to impress.

As you can see, there is no denying that shoe-related products are popular gift choices that are widely available. By investing in them, you can avoid shelling out for the most expensive shoes and still put a big smile on their face.

Katheleen Knopf

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