Top 10 Smartphone Accessories to give your mobile superpowers to help you in daily life

Top 10 Smartphone Accessories to give your mobile superpowers to help you in daily life

We have become extremely dependent on our smartphones these days, whether it’s for business, entertainment, social connections, or anything in between. Smartphones themselves have become quite capable of supporting a myriad of uses, from playing games to recording videos, but there’s only so much you can cram inside a small space. Fortunately, there’s a thriving market of accessories that can supplement what smartphones can do or even give them abilities they never had in the first place. That large market, unfortunately, is also overflowing with choices that can be downright overwhelming, so here are our Top 10 picks for smartphone accessories that can take your mobile experience to the next level.

1. SnapGrip MagSafe Camera Grip + Battery

Smartphones these days are very capable mobile cameras, but their designs aren’t always the best for that kind of use. The vertical candy bar design is, of course, the best shape for regular phone use, but unless all you do is take TikTok vids or square Instagram photos, you’ll be holding your phone horizontally like a traditional camera, which is an uncomfortable and precarious hold for a phone.

SnapGrip solves that problem with an ingenious design and offers an added feature to benefit mobile shutterbugs as well. Utilizing magnetic technology like Apple’s MagSafe, it attaches to the back of a compatible phone to provide not just a camera-like grip but also a physical shutter button that’s so much easier and safer to reach than the one on your screen. But wait, there’s more! The grip also functions as a wireless power bank, so you can shoot on and on without worry. And when the day is done, you can prop up your phone on a desk, using the multi-talented SnapGrip as a stand.

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2. Trexo Slider

A lot of people use their phones less as a phone and more as affordable yet powerful digital cameras. With how much technology has improved, higher-end smartphones can definitely take the place of some of these professional shooters, though there are still some tricks that they’re not exactly capable of. Stabilization is still a developing technology, especially when it comes to recording smooth video while moving. Thankfully, there are accessories to help with that.

The Trexo Slider is a rather unique product that literally takes the problem out of your hand. When all you need is a small linear movement, this compact photography equipment is the tool to beat. Simply set it down on a flat surface or prop it up on a tripod and say goodbye to jittery shots. Even better, you can program the Trexo Slider’s movements so that you can focus on making great content instead of worrying about the camera’s placement.

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3. Peak Design Everyday Case

Sometimes, all you really need to make your phone really shine is a beautiful case. It protects your phone and gives it a bit of personality to match yours, and it can even open the door to more functionality if it’s properly designed. That combination of simple elegance and open design is what makes Peak Design’s Everyday Case for the iPhone 14 series a true everyday hero.

Available with a fabric cover in color options of Charcoal and Sage, the Everyday Case exudes a luxurious character that still leaves plenty of room for customization. Peak Design’s innovative SlimLink mounting technology makes it compatible with a variety of other accessories from the company while still allowing access to MagSafe technology. It’s a visually simple design that minimalism fans will love, as well as a sophisticated accessory that power users will appreciate.

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4. SuperCalla Cable

Even with the arrival of wireless technology, USB cables are still the most efficient and direct way not only to charge phones but also to transfer data. These cords, however, are anything but convenient, especially when, not if, they get tangled up inside your bag or drawer. Cable management only works on desks and tables, but not when you need to pull one out on the go. Rather than settling for clips and ribbons, it’s probably a better solution to change the design of the cable itself.

SuperCalla does what few accessory makers have tried to accomplish and refines the design of the age-old USB cable. While still retaining its basic form and flexibility, SuperCalla introduces magnetic rings that keep the cables from going all over the place, whether it’s fully uncoiled or neatly wrapped around. The cable’s durable yet flexible silicone tubing still gives it that shape-bending property that all cables have, giving you the same freedom as a regular cable but with the hassles of tangled messes.

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5. Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, and this minimalist yet elegant case for the iPhone 14 Pro Max proves it beyond doubt. The unibody shell attaches and detaches without breaking a sweat, providing necessary protection without covering up important openings. It’s compatible with MagSafe charging and accessories, so you won’t lose out on any extra features even with the case on.

The Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case, however, also has a few distinctive traits that raise its profile above the rest. Made from vegetable-tanned Ecco leather, the cover of the case ages gracefully over time, developing a patina that is unique to each and every owner. The diagonal cut of the card slot also gives it a rather unconventional method of displaying those cards, making your iPhone 14 Pro Max look rather unique and stylish to match your own aesthetics.

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6. Tango Grip & Stand

Despite how durable smartphones are these days, their large sizes and slippery surfaces are still accidents waiting to happen. There are plenty of ways to mitigate such unfortunate events, but one of the most minimalist solutions has been the so-called ring holder or grip. Unfortunately, it happens to also be the most awkward solution, with a thick piece of plastic or metal sticking out of your phone 24/7.

The Tango Grip & Stand has a design that lets you have your cake and eat it too. When not in use, it’s just a thin, 2.9mm piece of metal sticking to your back. A simple push on an edge release the coin-like enclosure to reveal a steel helix structure that extends to become the grip your fingers need to hold the phone securely. This twisting metal is also sturdy enough to act as a phone stand, delivering a 2-in-1 accessory that thankfully also looks stylish when not in use.

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7. ProLens Photography Kit

The cameras on the back of our mobile partners have gotten a lot more powerful, though they have also gotten a lot larger as well. Even then, they won’t be able to accommodate the myriad shots and needs of professional photographers, at least not without making a ton of sacrifices in terms of the phone’s size and price. Admittedly, cameras like DSLRs really only have one imaging sensor, but their flexibility mostly comes from how they can change lenses in a flash.

ShiftCam’s ProLens collection tries to recreate that same scenario with smartphones. Although you can’t change the lens that’s already built into your phone’s cameras, you can supplement them with a different kind of lens attachment as the shot requires. Thanks to a specially designed lens mount and a variety of lenses, you can achieve true 10x macro shots, fish-eye effects, 60mm portraits, and so much more without having to wait to upgrade phones.

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8. TwelveSouth BookBook Case

Some people put cases on their phones for added protection, while others choose one for self-expression. Of course, you can also have both, especially if the case is designed in such a way that clearly calls attention without being garish or overbearing. This folio case, for example, protects an iPhone while also providing space for some of your most important cards, all while looking like a classic masterpiece of literature miniaturized.

TwelveSouth’s BookBook is a funny yet charming tribute to book lovers and a luxurious treat for your phone. Made with premium leather, it gives the phone an appearance of a vintage book, complete with a decorative spine. Yes, it will make your iPhone look a bit bulky, but so would many folio wallet cases anyway. At least with this rather creative case design, you’ll be able to flaunt your sophistication while keeping your phone and money cards safe and sound.

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9. GravGrip Battery-Free Stabilizer

Smartphone manufacturers have been working on improving camera performance for the past years, but one aspect that seems to get left out lately is image and video stabilization. These features are present on many high-end phones, but it seems that most people have just become used to the shaky cam effect identified with smartphone footage. Unfortunately, that can hardly be considered professional, which is where handheld gimbals and stabilizers come in.

GravGrip sets itself apart by offering the same stabilization feat without using batteries, utilizing hydraulic mechanisms instead. This makes the stabilizer smaller, lighter, and more convenient to carry around, and it removes the worry of running out of battery when you need that silky smooth footage the most.

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10. Peak Design Mobile Wallet

Some people are more than satisfied with their smartphone’s capabilities, but that doesn’t mean they have to be limited to what the device can do. Given how we almost always have our smartphones with us, there is definitely a potential to let them do more, with the right accessories, of course. Some, for example, have started to use their phones to hold their IDs or their most important card, and this creative wallet delivers that functionality and more.

Peak Design’s Mobile Wallet is stylish MagSafe-compatible that can keep up to 7 cards always at hand. More than that, however, the Stand Wallet variant can also prop up your phone vertically or horizontally, with a precision-tuned friction hinge locking it into a stable position. Its 100% recycled nylon canvas material not only gives it durability and weatherproofing, it also makes the back of your phone look elegant, especially when paired with a matching Peak Design case.

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