The Best iPhone 13 Accessories To Buy for that Shiny New iPhone

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Just picked up the new iPhone 13? Whether you’re the type to upgrade your iPhone every year or you’re finally ditching your old device — with its shattered screen and 45-minute battery life — one thing is certain: you’re going to need some new iPhone 13 accessories. Of course, the number of new accessories you need to buy will depend on what your last phone model was. For example, if you just upgraded from an 11 or older, you may want to pick up a MagSafe charger. MagSafe allows for faster and more convenient wireless charging.

The iPhone 13 still relies on a lightning port for charging, but it might be time for a new cable if your last one is frayed beyond recognition (new iPhones don’t ship with cables as a way to reduce electronic waste). Like other recent models, the new iPhone 13 doesn’t have a headphone jack, so you might want some good wireless headphones, like the Airpods Max.

You might already have a lot of these iPhone 13 accessories if you have a recent model of the iPhone. But even if you have the iPhone 12, there’s one thing you will still need to buy — a new case. The dimensions on the 12 and 13 are nearly identical, but the camera on the 13 is slightly larger. That means that a 12 case will not fit.

We’ve rounded up some of the best iPhone 13 accessories to buy right now.

Best Cases

1. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Clear Case

Unsurprisingly, Apple makes some of the best accessories for its phones. This case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a transparent body, allowing you to show off the stylish colors of your phone. The built-in magnets make for easy MagSafe charging.

iphone 13 accessories

iphone 13 accessories

Buy: iPhone 13 Case $49.00

2. Spigen – Core Armor w/MagSafe for iPhone 13 – Black

Spigen is one of the best bang-for-your-buck brands when it comes to iPhone 13 accessories — after all, how much wider do you want to open your wallet when you’ve already shelled out a grand for a phone? This simple case is designed with MagSafe in mind, and the textured grip makes it easier to hold.

iphone 13 accessories

iphone 13 accessories

Buy: Spigen iPhone 13 Case $24.99

3. Nomad iPhone 13 Leather Case

Nomad’s case is available for all of the new iPhone 13 models, and it’s designed to be compatible with MagSafe charging accessories. The leather of this case comes from Horween Leather Co, one of the oldest and most reputed leather tanneries in the US, meaning these cases will age beautifully. The case comes in black, brown or natural.

iphone 13 accessories

iphone 13 accessories

Buy: Nomad iPhone 13 Case $59.95

3. Bellroy Phone Case – 3 Card

This stylish case has a stylish leather outer to add a sophisticated look to your new phone. Like most of Bellroy’s products, this case is available in a wide range of colors. The side of the wallet pops open, allowing you to store up to three cards. That said, this case is not designed for MagSafe or wireless charging, so it’s best if you prefer a wired charge. The case is available for the 13, 13 Mini, 13 Max, and 13 Pro Max.

iphone 13 accessories

iphone 13 accessories

Buy: Bellroy iPhone 13 Case $79.00

Best Cables and Chargers

1. Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE PRO 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand

When it comes to third-party iPhone 13 accessories, Belkin is the brand to beat. This two-in-one charging stand is MagSafe compatible, for fast 15W charging. The magnetic mount makes it easy to keep your phone upright at your desk or nightstand. Plus, the base of the stand can charge your AirPods at the same time.

iphone 13 accessories

iphone 13 accessories

Buy: Belkin Charger Stand $95.99

2. Native Union 4′ Lightning-to-USB Type C Cable

Apple is sticking with Lightning, at least for now. That means that even as more devices make the switch to USB-C (including Macbooks and the new iPads), you’ll still need a Lightning cable. This cable from Native Union is Lightning-to-USB C, so you can use it for data transfers to your computer or for charging with a USB-C wall adapter. The cable has a stylish black and white pattern and an integrated leather strap for easy cable management.

iphone 13 accessories

iphone 13 accessories

Buy: Native Union Belt Cable $29.99

3. Apple – MagSafe iPhone Charger

Take advantage of convenient and fast wireless charging with Apple’s MagSafe iPhone charger. The MagSafe charging technology was introduced with last year’s iPhone 12, and it allows a secure hold on your phone while charging more quickly. This compact charger is great for taking on the go.

iphone 13 accessories

iphone 13 accessories

Buy: Apple MagSafe Charger $34.00

4. Anker Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger

MagSafe is convenient when you’re using it at home, but it’s even better on the go. This portable charger from Anker snaps onto the back of your iPhone for easy wireless charging when you’re traveling or commuting. This model was introduced for the iPhone 12, and it’s a good option for the 13, too.

iphone 13 accessories

iphone 13 accessories

Buy: Anker Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger $54.99

5. Anker – Powerline+ II USB-A to Lightning Cable 10-ft

Still making do with a four-foot cable? Get Anker’s USB-A to Lightning Cable — at 10′ long, you can plug into the wall and comfortably sit across the room. The nylon fabric exterior helps resists twists and tangles, while adding to the longevity of the cable.

iphone 13 accessories

iphone 13 accessories

Buy: Anker iPhone 13 Cable $20.39

Other Cool iPhone 13 Accessories

1. Belkin UltraGlass Screen Protector

Thankfully, the days of sticky film screen protectors are long gone. This screen protector is made from sturdy glass that’s stronger than tempered glass, for a comfortable touch experience with top-of-the-line protection. One of the most clever parts of this protector is the included tray, which holds your phone in the right position to ensure proper alignment. The antimicrobial agent helps keep your phone cleaner, too.

iphone 13 accessories

iphone 13 accessories

Buy: Belkin iPhone 13 Mini 2-Pack Screen Protector $19.99

Buy: Belkin iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro 2-Pack Screen Protector $19.99

Buy: Belkin iPhone 13 Pro Max 2-Pack Screen Protector $19.99

2. Apple AirPods Max

The Apple AirPods Max have a great look and great sound, and they’re designed to pair seamlessly with your iPhone. Despite the high price tag, SPY’s review felt that it was a worthwhile investment.

iphone 13 accessories

iphone 13 accessories

Buy: Apple AirPods Max $489.99

3. Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe

Charging equipment isn’t the only use for MagSafe when it comes to iPhone 13 accessories. This cleverly designed wallet snaps onto the back of your phone using magnets. Unlike adhesive options, you can just as easily pop it off, without worrying about a sticky residue. It’s made from leather to add a classy look to your phone.

iphone 13 accessories

iphone 13 accessories

Buy: Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe $59.00

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