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Innovation Doesn’t Only Happen on the Vacuum Side of a Hose

You can make the world’s greatest vacuum, but if the accessory on the end of the house doesn’t help, it can be frustrating. Milwaukee Air-Tip vacuum accessories target this often-overlooked part of the tool with an impressive offering of niche products.

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Milwaukee Air-Tip Vaccum Accessories Design

Each accessory is specifically designed to fill a need. Most of these are niche, such as nozzles that clean behind pipes, flex to reach deeper into crevices, or pivot to clean high and low. We’ll get into those in just a minute.

One really big deal for the entire line is the compatibility. Every Milwaukee Air-Tip accessory pairs with 1 1/4, 1 7/8, and 2 1/2-inch hoses without the need for an adapter. Even if you’re using another brand’s vacuum, there’s a good chance Air-Tip accessories fit it. In addition to the trade-focused design of each nozzle, it opens up some excellent crossover options for use with vacs in your home.

Milwaukee Air-Tip Vacuum Accessories and Prices

M12 Utility Nozzle 0980-20: $79.00

Powered by an M12 battery, this utility nozzle has rotating brushes to agitate carpet and LEDs to light up the work area.

Milwaukee Air-Tip M12 Utility Nozzle 0980-20

Swiveling Palm Brush 49-90-2020: $34.99

With a shape similar to a sander, this swiveling ergonomic accessory has three interchangeable brushes: rubber, stiff, and soft.

Milwaukee Air-Tip Vacuum Accessories Swiveling Palm Brush 49-90-2020

Rotating Corner Brush Tool 49-90-2021: $19.99

Great for cleaning any type of box, the pointed tip reaches into corners, and brushes move stubborn debris.

Milwaukee Air-Tip Vacuum Accessories Rotating Corner Brush Tool 49-90-2021

Dust Collector 49-90-2022: $49.99

The dust collector Air-Tip attachment has a rubberized section to help it stick to surfaces similar to a concrete shroud. Stick it just below where you’re working and the dust pulls into your vac instead of collecting on the floor.

Dust Collector 49-90-2022

3-in-1 Crevice and Brush Tool 49-90-2023: $17.99

Use this 3-in-1 accessory as a standard crevice nozzle or pull the brushes down for some additional help. One size has soft bristles and the other side has stiff ones.

Milwaukee Air-Tip Vacuum Accessories 3-in-1 Crevice and Brush Tool 49-90-2023

Conduit Line Puller 49-90-2024: $79.00

This 3-piece kit covers the majority of conduit sizes you run into and creates a far better seal to more effectively pull your string through the line.

Milwaukee Air-Tip Vacuum Accessories Conduit Line Puller 49-90-2024

4-in-1 Right Angle Cleaning Tool 49-90-2026: $24.99

Great for reaching around pipes and narrow access areas, the 4 nozzles in the set help clean where other accessories can’t go.

4-in-1 Right Angle Cleaning Tool 49-90-2026

Low Profile Pivoting Brush Tool 49-90-2027: $29.99

This soft-bristled Milwaukee Air-Tip accessory locks into multiple pivoting positions and swivels 360° to help you easily clean high and low.

Low Profile Pivoting Brush Tool 49-90-2027

2-in-1 Utility Brush Tool 49-90-2028: $19.99

The 2-in-1 Utility Brush gives you the option to clean with or without bristles.

2-in-1 Utility Brush Tool 49-90-2028

Flexible Long Reach Crevice Tool 49-90-2030: $19.99

This nozzle takes a traditional long-reach crevice tool and makes the business end flexible to easily reach into areas where stiff nozzles can’t push into.

Milwaukee Air-Tip Vacuum Accessories Flexible Long Reach Crevice Tool 49-90-2030

Pivoting Extension Wand 49-90-2031: $24.99

Useful on its own, but even more when you attach other Milwaukee Air-Tip accessories, this accessory pivots 180° and locks into multiple positions on its way around.

Milwaukee Air-Tip Vacuum Accessories Pivoting Extension Wand 49-90-2031

Magnetic Utility Nozzle 49-90-2032: $29.99

Milwaukee adds magnets to this nozzle outside and in, front and back so you can pick up dust and debris without pulling in nails, screws, and other metal objects that can tear your vacuum bag.

Magnetic Utility Nozzle 49-90-2032

2 1/2-Inch Magnetic Utility Nozzle 49-90-2033: $34.99

Similar to the Magnetic Utility Nozzle above, this model is designed to only fit 2 1/2-inch hoses with less restriction in the neck to allow higher airflow.

Milwaukee Air-Tip 2 1/2-Inch Magnetic Utility Nozzle 49-90-2033

Non-Marring Utility Nozzle Kit 49-90-2034: $24.99

This 2-piece Milwaukee Air-Tip set includes a wide nozzle and a crevice tool with no-mar tip sections.

Milwaukee Air-Tip Vacuum Accessories Non-Marring Utility Nozzle Kit 49-90-2034

Cross Brush Tool 49-90-2035: $17.99

Milwaukee’s Cross Brush is a replacement for a standard bristle brush oriented around the circumference. It allows larger debris to get caught in the vacuum rather than being pushed by the bristles.

Milwaukee Air-Tip Vacuum Accessories Cross Brush Tool 49-90-2035

Long Reach Flexible Micro Hose Set 49-90-2037: $39.99

Reaching where traditional nozzle sizes, shapes, and inflexibility can’t, the Long Reach Flexible Micro Hose Set includes an adapter with five tubes: 1/2-, 5/8-, and 1-inch hoses. All three come in 1-foot lengths and the larger two sizes also come in 2-foot lengths.

Milwaukee Air-Tip Vacuum Accessories Long Reach Flexible Micro Hose Set 49-90-2037

Rocking Utility Nozzle w/Brushes 49-90-2038: $17.99

The Rocking Utility Nozzle has a shape that avoids sucking down and attaching to surfaces while letting you pivot the nozzle forward or back and still get the benefits of bristle agitation.

Milwaukee Air-Tip Vacuum Accessories Rocking Utility Nozzle w_Brushes 49-90-2038

2 1/2-Inch Rocking Utility Nozzle w/Brushes 49-90-2039: $19.99

Similar to the Rocking Utility Nozzle above, this model only fits 2 1/2-inch hoses and has less restriction in the neck area.

Rocking Utility Nozzle w Brushes 49-90-2039

Claw Utility Nozzle w/Brushes 49-90-2040: $19.99

The Milwaukee Air-Tip Claw Utility Nozzle offers a more ergonomic grip with a bristle brush on the end.

Claw Utility Nozzle w/Brushes 49-90-2040

3-Piece Automotive Vacuum Tool Kit 49-90-2019A: $119.00

Air-Tip Automotive Kit

The Air-Tip Automotive Kit includes the Swiveling Palm Brush, 3-in-1 Crevice and Brush Tool, and Flexible Long Reach Crevice Tool along with the Vacuum Tool Storage Bag.

Vacuum Tool Storage Bag 49-90-2019: $60.00

Which accessories are the most useful for your work? Let us know in the comments below!

Learn more about Milwaukee vacuums here.

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