Fashion Forward: Ten Trendy Jewelry Accessories That Are Huge For Fall 2021

Summer is now over, sadly, and that means that any fashion ideas you may have had will now have to be pushed on the backburner as you put together the kind of look that will get all the right sorts of attention in fall 2021.

Ideally, accessories will serve a genuine purpose and show the world that you have your finger on the pulse of fashion. Fall is a great month to pick out the best accessories as it’s a very forgiving season.

The temperature will have dropped a few degrees, even with climate change being a factor, and this means more of a chance to try out the full range of your wardrobe, or indeed to expand it. 

Layering becomes more of an option, and you’ll want to finish off your perfect outfit with the type of detailing that will make you stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, here are a few great accessory ideas that are hugely fashionable in fall 2021.

Stylish Name Necklaces

You will no doubt have seen a slew of celebrities wearing personalized jewelry, and it’s a trend that has gone on right past summer and into the fall. Why not join the club and pick up a great name necklace that will get you noticed. 

We love these luxurious jewelry items as they look great and make a real statement, and are definitely one of the top trendy types of jewelry for 2021. You can find loads of great examples here, and they won’t ruin your bank balance either.

Platform Boots

You’d think it was the 70s all over again; such is the increasing popularity of big platform boots right now. Power platforms come in all sorts of styles and trends, but the real key here is to go bold or go home. 

Bright colors are a must, but clearly, this isn’t really daywear and is only to be worn on big nights out with the girls. For those of us who aren’t overly fond of tricky heels, these platforms make the same level of impact but are just too much more comfortable to get around in.


Subtlety is overrated. There’s no need to be a wallflower, now is the time to show off your labels with pride. You’ll notice that all the designer brands are looking to push their wares with massive logos in plain view, and now is your time to do likewise. 

You can show off the logos on items of clothing or on earrings and necklaces; what works especially well is if you mix and match them and therefore create your own logo explosions that can be seen a mile off. By the way, we simply can’t get enough of Prada hair clips!

Candy Colored Tote Bags

Yes, tote bags are still very much in, and if you missed this trend over the summer, then you need to get on the accessory train now. Find a bag that suits your personality, and don’t be afraid to oversize your selection.

You’ll score extra fashion-forward points if you pick out candy-colored styles. Remember that the additional benefit of this trend is that you can leave your house with every conceivable necessary item you’ll need. 

This is especially useful if you are planning on hitting the town straight from work.

Big Brash Sunglasses

It seems that most trends of 2021 are geared towards ‘bigging’ up your accessories, and this is very much the case with sunglasses. You should look to pick out pairs with large frames, but be sure to make sure you match the right style for your face shape.

You can look to style things up by opting for a colored tint to the lenses but try to avoid rounded frames and instead seek out angular and sleek shapes. The rectangle is best for most face shapes.

It’s Got to Be Sheer

Now, this trend will take some courage to pull off. Yes, it may be fall, and it is probably a bit cooler than you’d like, but try to add some sheer to your collection. Anything that you are comfortable wearing. 

The sheer style may feel like it only belongs on the catwalk, but you can push the envelope a little, especially if you are out on the town. You can always look to cover up your sheer decision should you feel the wind pushing through you on those colder nights.

Denim, Denim, Denim

Yes, Denim. Apparently, this fall is all about denim so keep that in mind when you are out shopping for your perfect fall look. If you have a great pair of boyfriend jeans, then wear them; if you don’t, then get some! 

If you are particularly fond of denim, then you can look to mix and match different washes or perhaps branch out to different colors of denim altogether. Believe it or not, denim bucket hats are even acceptable right now. Go figure.

Sweater Dresses

By all accounts, sweater dresses are a thing for fall 2021. You can find great versions of these in all the leading retail outlets, and they range from subtle to garish, depending on your level of bravery.

Given the dip in the weather, you are likely to experience, these are at least an option that is more reasonable than opting for a sheer dress.

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