Boutique 25 Grows Into a Showroom on Kingston Avenue

With a pop of a bottle of champagne, Chaya Delevkovitz (nee Nash) brought her Boutique 25 clothing consignment store from humble beginnings in the basement of her parents’ home in Crown Heights to a new showroom on Kingston Avenue. Full Story, Photos

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Boutique 25, the women’s consignment gown rental shop, opened a beautiful new showroom at 256 Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights on Monday.

With family and friends present, owner Chaya Delevkovitz (nee Nash) popped open a bottle of champagne and cut the ribbon of her new store, located between S. Johns and Lincoln.

Standing alongside her husband Yanky, Delevkovitz thanked Hashem and everyone present for helping the store grow from its humble beginnings to the elegant, upscale shop it is now.

She specifically mentioned, “my dear parents Leibish and Choula Nash for being so supportive of every aspect of my business,” and her sister Leah Schapiro for being “my unofficial business coach over the years.”

Delevkovitz started Boutique 25 in the basement of her parent’s home 6 years ago. “Unused clothing my friends no longer needed has turned into a boutique of high quality and fashionable evening gowns for every style,” she said.

Hearing from customers about the need for gowns for weddings and simchas, Delevkovitz quickly pivoted to offer some 800 gowns representing a vast variety of colors and styles.

“It’s been my greatest honor to be a part of making so many women and girls feel beautiful for their special occasions!” she said, mentioning how they offer evening gowns for children, teens, and adults.

In their new space, they will now be offering bridal gowns with a private showroom and dressing area. “We want our brides to feel special and pampered when they come to choose their gown for the most special day,” she said.

“When I choose dresses to be added to the shop, I have high standards because my goal isn’t to have thousands of dresses,” she clarifies. “I want everyone to walk into my shop and see options.”

“Everything is fully tznius so there’s no visualizing about how it will look and working at it to make it tznius,” she points out. “And everything is in style and in good condition. I’m constantly sifting through and returning dresses that don’t garner interest or are out of style.”

Delevkovitz says that she found that some people find it difficult to give their previously worn and owned dressed for consignment, which is why she introduced a seamless process.

“It’s your dress!” she explains the rule. “It’s yours to take back at any time (as long as it’s not being rented by someone at the same time). So if you ever want to wear it again, it’s yours to take back.”

“More than that,” she adds, “I try to keep gowns in perfect condition. There can be wear and tear sometimes, but I make sure that for renters and consignors, the dresses are in the best shape. Dresses are more repairable than we think, and many people are concerned about their dress getting ruined with every wear, but most fabrics are fixable and appliqué can be switched around and sequins can be reinforced.”

With a growing number of options available today, Delevkovitz says she works to keep prices competitive while honoring the original price of the gown. “While I do have some higher-end pieces, the price is a fraction of the original cost,” she says. “Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a gown for your simcha, you can rent a $2500 dress for a few hundred dollars.”

As reported on, Boutique 25 is also known for a line of tichels that Delevkovitz began to create 2 years ago. “We have over 100 colors in different styles, and we’ve been expanding our accessory line to include beanies, wig bands, hair pieces, and girdles,” she says.


Boutique 25
256 Kingston Avenue (between S. Johns & Lincoln)

Construction by Yanky Delevkovitz Construction: 917-202-5166

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