10 essential MagSafe accessories for iPhone for 2021

From cases to charging to wallets, Apple’s MagSafe charging for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series have given rise to a huge ecosystem of accessories, and these 10 stand out as particularly useful.

In its current incarnation as the iPhone’s magnetically-snappy wireless charging technology, MagSafe has become a way to extend the usability of the iPhone by creating a magnetic attachment system capable of being used by a wide range of peripherals. 

If you own an iPhone 12 or newer, you’re probably familiar with your iPhone’s MagSafe capabilities, but you may not be aware of everything it’s capable of. These 10 peripherals include a wide range of potential uses for MagSafe on the iPhone, and each is essential in its own right.


Image: Apple

If all you’re looking for is a basic charging puck for your iPhone 12 or newer, this is the one you should get. It delivers 15W of charging power, it snaps right onto your phone and it’s not too expensive. 

$39 at Apple


Image: Apple

This snap-on battery pack delivers an extra shot of juice for an iPhone that’s out of range of a stationary power supply. It’s capable of delivering 70% of charge for an iPhone 12/13 Mini, 60% for an iPhone 12/13, 50% for an iPhone 12/13 Pro and 40% for an iPhone 12/13 Pro Max. It’s not cheap, but it’s handy (I own one and I love it).

$99 at Apple


Image: Amazon

If you don’t want to pay $99 for the Apple power pack, the iWalk is a nice alternative for a couple of reasons: It has an LCD display that shows battery percentage, and it has a built-in ring that acts as a stand or a hand-hold. 

$35 at Amazon


Image: Belkin

MagSafe may be first and foremost a charging system, but it’s magnetic, so it also means an iPhone can be stuck anywhere – like to a flat, clip-free phone mount that attaches to a car air vent. This phone vent mount also doubles as a charger – just attach a USB-C cable for wire-free MagSafe charging.

$60 at Belkin


Image: Apple

The MagSafe Duo Charger from Apple folds in half for convenience when traveling and can charge a MagSafe-capable iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. Just be sure you have a power adapter capable of outputting at least 20W – if you fall below that threshold you may not be able to charge two devices at the same time, or incredibly slowly if so. 

$129 at Apple


Image: Apple

Speaking of charging stations, the decidedly less portable one from Belkin is capable of charging an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods (or other Qi-capable device) at the same time. The charger comes with its own AC adaptor, so you won’t have to worry about hunting one with the correct wattage. 

$136 at Apple


Image: PopSocket

One of the biggest drawbacks of the otherwise practical PopSockets is the fact that you’re left with limited options if you don’t want to attach a bulky case or adhere a PopSocket directly to your device. MagSafe solves that problem, and now there’s no reason not to have one around to prop up your device or save your tired hands. 

$30 at PopSockets


Image: PopSocket

Prefer a full-on case but want it to include a PopSocket? This case features a sliding grip that can be used to hold the phone at different angles as well as getting out of the way in order to attach a MagSafe charger. 

$60 at PopSockets


Image: Moment

One of the things that Apple has pushed hard with the iPhone 13 is its cinematographic capabilities. Getting a good shot with an iPhone means finding a way to mount it, and this little magnetic tool makes attaching an iPhone to an arm, tripod, ball head or other hardware a (magnetic) snap.

$40 at Moment

You already carry your phone everywhere, so why carry a second object for your credit cards and ID? The MagSafe leather wallet from Apple snaps right on to a 12 or 13-series device, and it has an even better feature: It comes with AirTag functionality built right in. Leave it behind and you’ll immediately know that you forgot something important. 

$59 at Apple

10 essential MagSafe accessories for iPhone for 2021

Katheleen Knopf

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